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    Atlantic chain maintenance and cleaning set

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    Atlantic chain maintenance and cleaning set 350ml

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    A smoothly running and precisely working chain requires excellent lubrication. However, lubrication and cleaning are mutually contradictory to a certain degree. To not exceed this threshold, the Atlantic chain maintenance set includes a chain cleaner that does not only remove dried-up dirt, lubricant residues, oils, greases and resins, but that also reduces wear. An unnecessary washing out of the chain, which would amount to a degreasing, is also prevented. After having cleaned the chain, the included all-weather chain lubricant does its work. The chain lubricant with PTFE (polytetrafluorethene) has extremely extended lubrication intervals for everyday cyclists. It is even pressure-resistant when accelerating powerfully on a road bike. Moreover, it is economical and adherent when mountain biking in rough terrain.
    Instructions for use: Apply the chain cleaner to a cloth. Wipe the chain until the metal shows through. Remove the loosened dirt with a cloth after the application time. Then lubricate the chain. When heavily soiled, you can also apply the chain cleaner directly to the chain. The spray can also be applied to cassette and chainrings. Following this, apply the chain lubricant to the chain links using the capillary tube. Let the chain glide over the sprockets by rotating the pedals to spread the lubricant.
    · Atlantic chain cleaner (200 ml),also available separately under item no.: 2101400
    · Atlantic chain lubricant with PTFE (150 ml), also available separately under item no.: 2101464
    · Set contents: 200 ml and 150 ml

    Manufacturer's ref.: 8800K

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    Atlantic chain maintenance and cleaning set

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