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    Cyclon Bionet e Wax Lube - kit di pulizia -didponibile per un periodo limitato-

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    Cyclon Bionet e Wax Lube - kit di pulizia -didponibile per un periodo limitato-

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    The perfect beauty treatment for your bike. After intensive cleaning with the Cyclon cleaning kit consisting of the Bionet bike cleaner (750 ml) and the Wax Lube chain lubricant (125 ml), your bike will shine like new. The biodegradable Cyclon Bionet cleaner is the perfect choice for all those stubborn stains from your last tours – simply apply the cleaner, let it react and rinse with water. Depending on how dirty your bike is, you can either dilute the cleaner with water or apply it concentrated. When used as a degreaser, the cleaner also removes oils, greases, as well as cleaning and waxing products.
    In order to make sure the chain of your bike is also perfectly protected, it is recommended to treat it with the Cyclon Wax Lube chain lubricant after cleaning. In this way, it is prepared for any weather and will stay clean and dry for longer. The long-lasting wax with added PTFE offers the bicycle chain lasting protection and low wear.

    Set consisting of 1x 750 ml Cyclon Bionet bike cleaner and 1x 125 ml Cyclon Wax Lube

    Cyclon Bionet bike cleaner:
    · Biodegradable cleaner for the entire bike
    · Also perfectly suitable for chain cleaning
    · Does not attack rubber, plastic or paint
    · Also suitable for carbon parts
    · Cleaner can also be ordered separately (item no.: 1943021)
    · Content: 750 ml

    Cyclon Wax Lube chain lubricant:
    · Long-lasting, dry lubricant for bicycle chains
    · Added PTFE for longer protection and low wear
    · Lasting lubrication
    · With biodegradable additives
    · Does not attract dirt or dust
    · Wax Lube chain lubricant can also be ordered separately (item no.: 2253940)
    · Content: 125 ml

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    Cyclon Bionet e Wax Lube - kit di pulizia -didponibile per un periodo limitato-

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