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    Garmin Topo Benelux Pro map

    Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
    Garmin - Lebe den Moment Langlebig per Design. Der Name Garmin kommt von den Gründern des Unternehmens, Gary Burrell und Min Kao. Seit 1998 entwickelt stellt das amerikanische Unternehmen wegweisende Lösungen für Radfahrer, Läufer und Fitnessbegeisterte her.
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    Garmin Topo Benelux Pro map

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    If you would like to discover the Benelux countries, you need a little time and some curiosity as well. When travelling through the Benelux, it is well worth it to leave the beaten path and explore less known areas, gentle nature or modern cities – the Topo Benelux Pro is just the right companion for it. The topographic map with a basic scale of 1:10.000 - 1:50.000 is suitable for outdoor navigation, as well as for use at the computer with the free administration software BaseCamp. It can also be used directly from the microSD card without installation at the PC or Mac. Besides extensive map material with 43.000 km of cycling paths, it also offers the ActiveRouting* function. In ActiveRouting*, you do not only enter where you want to go, but also how you want to get there (e.g. hiking, bike/road bike, mountain bike etc.). Adequate routes are then suggested on the basis of this information.

    • detailed, topographic vector map with a basic scale of 1:10.000- 1:50.000 for Belgium, 1:25.000 – 1: 50.000 for the Netherlands and Luxembourg
    • detailed way and terrain information with 3D elevation model
    • digital elevation model (DEM): dense contour lines display with a distance of 2 – 10 m each
    • more than 43.000 km of cycling paths and 28.600 km of hiking paths
    • more than 1.300.000 searchable POIs such as popular destinations, information centres, restaurants, hotels, fishing spots, camping sites and a lot more
    • search for street names
    • ActiveRouting*: The Topo Benelux Pro is prepared to provide you with individual route suggestions for different leisure activities you can select (e.g. bike/road bike, touring bike, MTB, hiking). All you have to do is pre-select an activity profile and the best route for you will be indicated. However, if you don’t like it, you can adapt it anytime by changing the activity or by manually inserting waypoints. This is possible in the Garmin device and in the management software BaseCamp at a PC/Mac as well. To increase the clarity, the map will be displayed with a colour highlighting of the paths that match your activity. This helps you with planning your route and at the same time, it provides more clarity and better orientation. Another interesting feature is the possibility to prefer the integration of signposted and recommended cycling and hiking paths into the navigation. *ActiveRouting functions are supported by the Montana®, Monterra™, Edge® 810/1000, GPSMAP® 62/64 and by the Oregon® 600/650 series.

    • BaseCamp™ software allows you to manage data on the GPS device and on the computer, to display and transmit routes and tracks, to add geotags to photos, to enable maps and a lot more

    • Minimum system requirements for PC and MAC: Windows® XP SP3 or MAC® OS X 10.5.8, 1 GB RAM (recommended min. 2 GB), 4 GB free hard drive storage space, USB port, DVD drive, requires software activation via internet connection (After the map software of the DVD has been enabled with its product key and the series number of the GPS receiver, it is bound to a compatible Garmin device. A license is provided for use on a PC/Mac, i.e. the map data can be displayed in BaseCamp and transmitted to the paired device via MapInstall either in tiles or entirely (1,2 GB free memory space in internal memory or on microSD required). The map data cannot be copied to a second Garmin device. The included, pre-installed microSD memory card can be used in multiple compatible Garmin devices. It can also be used to display data in the BaseCamp management software at the PC/Mac when it is inserted in the Garmin device or in a card reader.
    Including: DVD with Topo Benelux Pro map and BaseCamp software incl. product key, microSD card with pre-installed Benelux Pro map, microSD to SD adapter

    Manufacturer’s ref.: 010-12008-00

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    Garmin Topo Benelux Pro map

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