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    Lunivo Vegas F30 RSL sensor and Vegas R II RSL Sensor LED lighting set

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    Lunivo Vegas F30 RSL sensor and Vegas R II RSL Sensor LED lighting set

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    The lighting combination of an LED headlight (item no. 2182821) and tail light (item no. 2182858) with sesnor almost operates fully automatically. Headlight and tail light will only switch on when you start to ride your bike and when it's dark enough. In twilight, the front light will only shine with 12 lux, however with increasing darkness, it also continuously increases the light power to max. 30 lux. That's really practical, as you don't have to worry about the lighting until you have to charge the light via USB. Besides, you won't forget to switch the lights on which increases safety.
    · Integrated lithium-ion battery (headlight: 1200 mAh, tail light: 120mAh)
    · Battery life of up to 8 hours
    · Front light: 1 high-power LED, rear light: 3 LEDs
    · Power output of headlight: 12-30 lux
    · Parking light (4 min.)
    · Approved for all bikes according to German road traffic regulations (StVZO)
    · Incl. handlebar bracket (Ø 18-32 mm), integrated rubber bands to attach the rear light (Ø 25-32 mm), USB charging cable, a bracket for attachment to the fork can be ordered separately with item no. 2188366
    · Manufacturer's ref. S03330

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    Lunivo Vegas F30 RSL sensor and Vegas R II RSL Sensor LED lighting set

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