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    NoTubes Freeride tubeless kit

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    NoTubes Freeride tubeless kit 24"-26"

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    The affordable solution to build a tubeless tyre system out of standard hook-bead rims and a tyre. The inner tube is removed and replaced by a rubber seal stripe with integrated valve. Together with the included sealing liquid, an airtight tubeless tyre system, that also provides preventive protection from punctures, is realised. The advantages of a tubeless tyre systems are above all a lower rolling resistance, more comfort and improved grop and control of the bike.
    · incl. 2 x rubber seal stripes with integrated Schrader valve (length: 30 mm, unscrewable valve inserts), self-adhesive rim tape (replaces the existing rim tape when necessary for height adjustment or serves as additional underlay to ensure that the real rubber seal stripe fits perfectly under the rim flange), 473 ml sealing liquid with latex (for filling approx. 60 ml per tyre depending on the size are required), dosing attachment and tilt cup (for an optimal filling process, we recommend to use the Stan's NoTubes filling syringe, item no. 2010490)
    · suitable for 24"- and 26" hook-bead rims with an outer width of 27-34 mm
    Attention! To mount the rubber seal stripes and tyres, plastic tyre levers are required.

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    NoTubes Freeride tubeless kit 5
    da Amazing Hatchet
    (scritto il 19.04.2014) 2014-04-19
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    Wenn man beim Aufziehen des Felgebandes sauber arbeitet ist Stans Notubes eine Prima Lösung, um aus einem Schlauchsystem ein schlauchlosen Reifen zu machen.
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    colore 24"-26"

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    NoTubes Freeride tubeless kit

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