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    Polar A360 - orologio fitness

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    Polar A360 is the first fitness/activity tracker by Polar with a wrist-based heart rate monitor. As it combines heart rate based training control with 24/7 activity tracking, the Polar A360 is the perfect choice for training and every day. The exchangeable silicone wristband is available in many different colours. In order to analyze the data, you can sync the Polar A360 with the Polar Flow app via Bluetooth. In addition, the wristband displays push messages and thus keeps you informed about incoming calls, messages, emails and appointments through vibration.

    Heart rate based training with guidance
    · Easy and precise heart rate measurement at the wrist
    · Guidance for efficient trainings on the right performance level
    · Training Benefit (training benefit/effectivity) gives a motivating feedback after training
    · Manage your sport profile via the Polar Flow app, individual training
    · Choose a sport profile from one hundred different kind of sports
    · Heart rate zones (very easy/easy/medium/tough/maximum)
    · Zone-Pointer (shows if you are in your specified target zone)
    · Can also be retrofitted with the Polar H7 chest strap (optionally available under item no. 1922505)

    Activity guide:
    ·Tracks your activity, calories, steps and sleep
    · Helps you reach your daily activity goal
    · Motivational feedback
    · Active/Inactive times are shown in a graphic

    Polar Flow App
    · Installation and updates
    · Data sync and data analysis
    · Compatible with MyFitnessPal (only iOS)
    · Compatibility: Apple iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.3 or later

    Polar Flow Web Service
    · Installation and updates
    · Detailed analysis of your achievements with graphs and statistics
    · Share training and activity data with friends and the training community
    · Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7 and later version or Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and later versions

    · Full colour TFT display with touchscreen
    · Display: 13 x 27 mm
    · Resolution: 80 x 160 pixels
    · Waterproof (WR 30)
    · Keylock
    · Date/weekday
    · Time
    · Display languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish and Russian
    · Battery life: approx. two weeks with 24/7 activity tracking and one hour of training per day
    · Micro USB connector for charging and data sync
    · Transmission: Bluetooth Smart 4.0

    What size do you need?
    Measure your wrist. Do not forget to add some millimetres for more freedom of movement:

    Small (S) 130–170 mm
    Medium (M) 150–200 mm
    Large (L) 165–225 mm

    How to position the device for a correct heart rate measurement:
    The A360 should sit just above the wrist bone with its bottom close to the skin. It should not be uncomfortable or constricting to guarantee good blood flow. To make sure that you'll find the right size, Polar offers three different bracelet sizes that can be comfortably worn during the day and tightened for precise measurements during training.

    · incl. Micro USB charging/data sync cable

    Manufacturer's ref. black size S: 90057417
    Manufacturer's ref. black size M: 90057421
    Manufacturer's ref. black size L: 90057424
    Manufacturer's ref. blue size M: 90057447
    Manufacturer's ref. pink size S: 90057437
    Manufacturer's ref. pink size M: 90057442
    Manufacturer's ref. white size S: 90057433
    Manufacturer's ref. white size M: 90061485


    725882028187 (black)
    725882028361 (blue)
    90057421 (black)
    90057447 (blue)

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