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    RESTUBE classic float for water sports athletes

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    RESTUBE classic float for water sports athletes

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    RESTUBE is your inflatable backup in the water.
    RESTUBE is small and lightweight, so you can always take it along. Simply buckle it around your waist or your trapeze and head into the water. If necessary, pull firmly on the trigger and the buoy inflates using a CO2 cartridge.
    Ideal for swimmers, long-distance swimmers, snorkelers, sailors, canoeists, anglers - simply everyone who wishes to have a bit more freedom in the water. Vertical and horizontal attachment to the hip.

    · horizontal and vertical attachment with 25 mm and 30 mm broad hip strap to attach to the hip
    · buoyancy when inflated: > 70N
    · conncecting leash from buoy to bag approx. 50cm
    · can also be inflated with the mouth
    · reusable
    · size of the bag: 14x7x5cm
    · the trigger is a signal pipe, too
    · integrated key pocket

    Included: ready-for-use RESTUBE classic incl. built-in original CO2 cartridge, 30mm broad hip strap, instructions for use, QuickStartGuide

    Note: For confident swimmers over 10 years
    No personal protective equipment (PSA)
    Restube does not replace a life jacket.

    Manufacturer's ref. petrol blue RC21B / coral red RC21R

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    RESTUBE classic float for water sports athletes

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