Recovery Compression Socks for Women

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Recovery Compression Socks for Women
Recovery Compression Socks for Women

cep Recovery Compression Socks for Women

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The RECOVERY COMPRESSION socks by cep with MEDI COMPRESSION are suitable for all athletes for muscle preparation and regeneration as well as daily wear.

The compression socks have a wide range of applications, such as the use as warm-up socks before exercise. They support muscle regeneration after physical activity through improved circulation and optimised removal of toxins and lactates.

Use the recovery socks for daily wear, when you’re standing or sitting for long periods of time: while at a conference, during long car rides or air travel.

The cep Recovery compression socks for women can help reduce the feeling of heavy and tired legs.

The following qualities distinguish these sport socks:
• Anatomical fit so it feels perfectly comfortable
• Microfibre technology for high comfort
• Comfortable band for wrinkle-free fit

Technical qualities:
• Constant thermoregulation
• Silver ions
• Breathable material
• Protector for Achilles tendon

Material: 85% polyamide, 15% elastane

The men’s version of the cep RECOVERY COMPRESSION socks can be found with prod. code 1708525.

The ideal way to determine your size is to measure the circumference at the thickest part of the calf:
Size 2: Calf circumference: 25 - 31 cm / approx. shoe size 34 - 37
Size 3: Calf circumference: 32 - 38 cm / approx. shoe size 37 - 40
Size 4: Calf circumference: 39 - 44 cm / approx. shoe size 40 - 43


The MEDI COMPRESSION technology improves the venous return to prevent pain or swelling. The advantage: The whole lymphatic system is activated, the legs feel lighter, the joints are additionally stabilised and recovery times shortened.

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Recovery Compression Socks for Women

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