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Tune KARBON SPACER C spacer for 1 1/8"

To make your bike even lighter, every gram counts. The KARBON SPACER by Tune is an excellent tool for a weight-reducing tuning measure at the stem of...

Colore: carbon

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Sixpack Spacer Set Alloy 25 mm

The lightweight aluminium spacer set by Sixpack not only allows you to style your bike down to the last detail, but also to optimize your riding posit...

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SQlab spacer set aluminium 1 1/8“

The two-colour aluminium spacer set by SQlab for an individual height adjustment not only looks good, but is also technically sound. The orange metall...


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Chris King

Chris King spacer kit

The Chris King Spacer kit contains four spacers of different heights for the perfect adjustment and visual tuning of your cockpit. The difference to s...

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keine Marke

keine Marke Spacer, Unterlegscheibe 2 mm

· Außendurchmesser: 10 mm · Innendurchmesser: 5 mm · Dicke: 2 mm

Colore: anodized black

anodized black
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ROSE Spacer Spezial für XEON TEAM AGF 2014 (B-Ware)

Bitte beachte, dass dieser Artikel als B-Ware angeboten wird. B-Ware kann Gebrauchsspuren oder andere optische Mängel aufweisen, wurde jedoch überprüf...

Colore: shiny-white

RRP 19,00 € 9,23 
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