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MULTIJET 18V Mobile Spraying System – Set incl. Rechargeable Battery

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MULTIJET 18V Mobile Spraying System – Set incl. Rechargeable Battery

Codice prodotto : 231696701

163,98 RRP 219,90 €

Prezzo incl. IVA più 9,95 € (per la consegna in Italia)


Clean thoroughly wherever you want with water power – the MULTIJET 18V mobile spraying system by GLORIA makes you independent from a power socket and water connection. With the powerful battery pressure washer and flexible water supply, you are always ready – at home or on the go – to bring your bike back to a shine after bad weather rides. Using an optional GLORIA foam set makes the bike care complete. Besides quick bike cleaning after muddy mountain bike tours, the MULITJET has an almost unlimited field of application. There is hardly anything that can't be spruced up with its water jet nozzle.

This cleaning machine shows what it can do without a power connection, especially when camping close to nature and during outdoor activities that involve a lot of dirt. Whether gentle, strong or full power: The multi-function nozzle with adjustable operating pressure up to 25 bar gets to grips with dust, dirt and mud. The handy pressure sprayer draws the required water from any source. A lake, a bucket or even a PET drinking bottle can serve as a water reservoir. Ideally, you use the separately available GLORIA MULTIJET universal container for the water supply, which you can wear over your shoulder for more freedom of movement.

Anyone thinking you have to take along a full-blown high-pressure cleaner will be surprised to see that so much cleaning power can be packed into an incredibly handy housing. GLORIA's compact, battery-powered sprayer is not much bigger than a drill. Add-on parts can be removed in no time to make the device fit easily into your luggage. Who could ever want to ride a dirty bike again?

• MULTIJET set incl. battery and charger
• Mobile interchangeable battery-powered spraying system
• No electricity and water connection necessary
• Draws water from any source
• Suction hose with dirt filter
• 3 adjustable pressure levels: Spray, Eco, Clean with 2, 15 or 25 bar
• 4-in-1 multifunction nozzle: turbo rotor, flat jet, point jet, shower
• Connectable extension lance + 40 cm for convenient cleaning
• Operating time with full charge at highest pressure level min. 10 minutes
• Integrated battery charge level indicator (4-stage)
• Only approx. 2.5 hours charging time from empty to full
• Ergonomic handle for safe two-handed working
• Anti-slip soft grip surface
• Compatible with all BOSCH 18V Home & Garden batteries
• Tool-free exchange of the add-on modules
• Can be combined with all GLORIA extension lances and spray shields

Technical details:

• Pressure: 2.5 bar - max. 25 bar
• Water connection: ½" water hose / coupling
• Max. inlet temperature: 30 °C
• Max. inlet pressure: 5 bar
• Max. water flow rate: 210 l/h
• Max. suction height: 2 m, suction time when using ½“ hose: approx. 22 sec.
• Max. suction height: 2 m, suction time when using ⅜“ hose: approx. 11 sec.
• Max. length of suction hose: 5 m
• Operating time with full charge - operating mode "spray" + "plant protection set (accessories)": approx. 80 min.
• Operating time with full charge - operating mode "clean + flat jet / point jet / turbo rotor: approx. 11 min.
• With temperature protection and low voltage cut-off
• Min. hand-arm vibration value: < 1.6 m/s2 (+/- 0.7 m/s2 )
• Measured sound pressure level SPL: 67.8 dB; k = 3.0 dB(A)
• Guaranteed sound power level SWL: 81 dB(A)
• Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 39 x 7.5 x 21 cm (without battery and lance)
• Weight with lance and 4-in-1 nozzle: 1.85 kg without battery, 2.2 kg with battery

• Type: lithium-ion
• Nominal voltage: 18.0 V
• Nominal capacity: 2.5 Ah

• Model: Al 1810 CV
• With charging control indicator
• Intelligent charging process with trickle charge
• With temperature protection
• Input voltage: 220-240 V~ / 50-60 Hz
• Output voltage: DC 14.4-18.0 V/1.0 A
• Charging time battery 2.5 Ah: approx. 154 min.
• Approved charging temperature range: 0 - 45 °C
• Protection rating: II

In the box:
• 18 V battery (2.5 Ah)
• 220 V power adapter with battery charging tray
• 4-in-1 nozzle
• Extension
• ⅜“ suction hose 5 m
• 2 hose connecting couplings
• Dirt filter
• Connection for PET bottle
• Protective covering for battery

Optional accessories:
• GLORIA MULTIJET foam set (prod. code 2316970)
• GLORIA MULTIJET 10 l universal container (prod. code 2316971)

Please note:
To avoid danger, the battery may only be used with the included protective cover.

You should be careful when high-pressure cleaning sensitive surfaces, bearings and components that are not sufficiently protected against splash water, especially electronic components on e-bikes.

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