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Disponibilità limitata

Magura Vyron eLECT Dropper Post 30.9 mm

Codice prodotto : 226808701

RRP 449,90 € 416,18

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Endless possibilities... The Magura Vyron eLECT seat post is designed for high flexibility. It not only allows you to adjust the saddle height to your requirements, but it also makes sure you can easily switch between different bikes. Thanks to a wireless control, it is not necessary to waste time routing cables or hoses through the frame. Simply insert the seat post into the seat tube, clip the remote control unit on the handlebar and ride off. Yet, there is also another feature that ensures more flexibility: The Vyron eLECT allows you to choose between an adjustment range of 100 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm. Thus, it is suitable for everyone and every intended use, as well as for every frame size and saddle height. Moreover, the revised interior ensures improved response and increased extension speed. Thus, you can react faster to the trail and always enjoy the perfect saddle position. When not in use, the seatpost will be put into sleep mode to save energy. However, a built-in motion sensor knows when you start riding again.
A flashing light in the remote control shows you when the battery of the remote lever or battery inside the post is almost empty. Yet, the remaining energy is enough for twenty cycles in manual mode to get you home.

• Adjustment via air spring
• Hydraulic clamping via valve with Magura Royal Blood
• Material shaft/head: aluminium, anodized black
• Installation of eLECT remote control: left or right side
• Battery type of remote control: CR2032
• Technology: ANT+
• Battery type of seatpost: NiMH battery with micro USB port
• Charging time: approx. 3 hours
• Battery life: approx. 400 actuations or approx. 2 months
• Weight: approx. 595 g incl. remote control

150 mm travel version:
• Seat post Ø: 30,9 mm
• Rear offset: 0 mm
• Height adjustment: 150 mm
• Installation height: approx. 57-207 mm
• Length: 446 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 120 mm
Manufacturer's ref.: 2701423

125 mm travel version:
• Seat post Ø: 30,9 mm
• Rear offset: 0 mm
• Height adjustment: 125 mm
• Installation height: approx. 57-182 mm
• Length: 421 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 120 mm
Manufacturer's ref.: 2701424

100 mm travel version:
• Seat post Ø: 30,9 mm
• Rear offset: 0 mm
• Height adjustment: 100 mm
• Installation height: approx. 57-157 mm
• Length: 396 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 120 mm
Manufacturer's ref.: 2701425

In the box: Magura Vyron eLECT dropper post, eLECT handlebar remote control and Magura Remote Cap for a larger touch surface

Optional acccessories:
• Magura eLECT Coach (product code: 2256941)

€30 Cashback Offer: https://cashback.magura.com/
The offer is only valid until 31 October 2019.


Materiale: alluminio:
Materiale: carbonio:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
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