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Knee Warmers for Cycling

Just like leg warmers and arm warmers, knee warmers are a must-have cycling kit essential – whether for road cycling, mountain biking or touring. Thermal knee warmers offer additional insulation in-between season and quickly turn your cycling shorts into 3/4-length cycling pants. Yet, there are also knee sleeves that are specifically designed for summer and protect from harmful UV rays thanks to a high-tech fabric.

We stock a wide range of knee warmers for women and men in all common sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Castelli, assos, GORE WEAR, Mavic and many more.

Why Wear Knee Warmers?

In-between seasons, the weather can be unpredictable. If you cycle with cycling shorts and suddenly get cold or if are exposed to high and low temperatures on up- and downhill sections, knee warmers are just right for you. Thanks to a small pack size and a low weight knee warmers easily fit into the pocket of your jersey or jacket and are thus always ready at hand when you need them. Simply put on the knee warmers and convert your cycling shorts into 3/4-length cycling pants.

In addition, there are summer knee sleeves. In contrast to thermal knee warmers, the sleeves are not made from a thermal fabric, but from a light, breathable, moisture-wicking material with UV protection. Thanks to this summer fabric, knee warmers protect you from UV rays.

Knee Warmers for Winter

For cycling in the cold months of the year, your knee warmers should above all be warm. When made from the right thermal fabric, knee warmers keep you pleasantly warm when riding your bike in low temperatures. In most cases, the materials used are thick and insulating to perfectly protect from the cold. Merino wool also is a popular material, as it feels soft on the skin while providing natural moisture management. Thanks to a brushed inside, knee warmers offer additional warmth and feel comfortably soft on the skin.

As additional protection against the cold, you can also wear knee warmers with a windproof membrane. This is a thin layer of plastic sheeting that is integrated into the fabric. Microscopically small perforations make sure wind cannot penetrate the fabric, whereas water vapour produced when sweating can escape to the outside fast for evaporation. Thus, a windproof membrane like the popular GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane combines good protection from the cold with high breathability and can even keep away light rain and wheel spray. Ideal for stormy days and cold draughts!

Knee Sleeves for Summer

Knee sleeves are also a great alternative for summer riding. Their special material is woven so densely that (almost) no UV rays can penetrate through the material. Thus, knee sleeves offer optimal UV protection up to SPF 50 in summer.

An additional advantage is their breathability. Excess moisture produced when sweating during sport activities is absorbed by the material and wicked off to the outside where it can evaporate. This provides a comfortably dry and cool feeling on hot days.

What Size Knee Warmers Should I Get?

All knee warmers in our range are unisex models designed for women and men alike. Yet, it’s important to find the right size. If you buy your knee warmers too big, they’ll slip or wrinkle. If you buy them too small, they’ll cut into your skin and limit your mobility. Thus, you should make sure your knee warmers or sleeves are tight-fitting – without constricting or cutting into your skin though. Some manufacturers offer size charts to help you choose the right size. Our expert consultants will also be happy to help you find the right size.

Additional Features For Your Knee Warmers

  • Reflective elements – For improved visibility in low light and darkness, you should make sure your knee warmers have reflective prints. Those design elements will light up when hit by headlights to make you visible to other road users.
  • Slip-resistant silicone prints – For a perfect hold, your knee warmers should have silicone prints on top and bottom hem. These keep the sleeves in position and prevent them from slipping down your leg.

These tips should help you find the right knee warmers for your needs with ease. If you have any questions or require additional advice, please feel free to contact our expert consultants. We will be happy to help you.

We stock a wide range of knee warmers for women and men in all common sizes and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Castelli, assos, GORE WEAR, Mavic and many more.