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Garmin Charge Power Pack for Edge 1030

You are planning a big tour and don't know when you will find the next socket? No worries! With the external battery pack Garmin Charge Power, you can...

RRP 129,99 € 102,47 

FAHRER protective cover for e-bike mid drive

Protect your mid drive during transport from water, which splashes onto the motor housing and might penetrate the drive system. The assembly is easy...

Colore: black

invece di 39,90 € 35,83 

B + M replacement battery

· fits Ixon Speed/Ixon IQ Speed/Ixon IQ Speed Premium · 4,1 Ah · deep discharge protection · charging time: approx. 6 hours · incl. case

invece di 64,90 € 46,08 

FAHRER protective frame battery cover for Bosch Active/Performance

Many e-bikers know the problem, especially in the cold season: Cold temperatures significantly reduce the battery life. The 4,5 mm thick neoprene laye...

Colore: black

RRP 29,90 € 27,58 

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Garmin NiMH battery pack for GPSMAP64 and Oregon 600/650/700/750 series

This battery pack gives your Garmin device some extra power. Especially useful for longer tours. Intelligent solution: The battery pack can either be...

RRP 23,99 € 20,40 

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Panasonic Eneloop NiMH 1900 mAh Mignon AA rechargeable batteries

Panasonic Eneloop Nickel Metal Hydride AA batteries stand out for a low self-discharge. The high-quality rechargeable batteries last significantly lon...


FAHRER Electric Cap M frame contact protection

The Electric Cap M contact protection protects the contact points of your e-drive when the battery is removed. It protects thus from weather, freezing...

Colore: black

invece di 19,99 € 14,87 

Varta Lithium battery CR2032

Lithium button cell CR2032 · 3V · 230 mAh · 3,2x21mm


FAHRER frame battery protective sleeve for Shimano Steps

The battery pack is the energy storage of e-bikes and pedelecs. Batteries work most efficiently in a temperature range of 20 - 25°. Below a temperatur...

Colore: black

invece di 29,90 € 27,58 

FAHRER Electric Cap L frame contact protection

Whether during transport or storage, the connection points are always exposed to moisture and dirt. That's why they are prone to corrosion and the dri...

Colore: black

invece di 19,50 € 17,38 

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