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Topeak SmartGauge D2 digital pressure gauge

The digital precision gauge SmartGauge D2 by Topeak serves to control tyre, fork and rear shock pressure. With it, you can check the pressure up to 17...

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Topeak Shuttle™ Gauge Digital

The digital Topeak Shuttle™ Gauge is easy to read and attaches to bike pumps or can be used alone. The multi-compatible valve head rotates 360° and wo...

Colore: schwarz/silber

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Topeak TwinHead pump head for JoeBlow Elite, Sport II and Sprint floor pumps

The Topeak TwinHead pump head for JoeBlow Sport II and Sprint floor pumps is small and practical. With the slim Dual pump head, you can inflate tyres...

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Topeak Valve Tool

One tool for all – the Topeak Valve Tool is designed to tighten or remove Schrader and Presta valve cores. Besides, a special cut-out at the centre of...

Colore: black

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SKS Germany Airchecker II digital air pressure gauge 2nd generation

The SKS Airchecker II makes it easy to precisely control the air pressure of your tyres. The user-friendly, revised digital air pressure gauge of the...

Colore: black

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Birzman Valve Extender With Valve Core

The aluminium valve extenders are designed for tubes with Presta valve (French valve) on deep rims and aero wheels. The Birzman Presta valve adapter a...

Colore: black

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Xtreme valve adapter

· from Schrader valve to Presta valve with non-return valve


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ROSE replacement hose with Twin Valve pump head

ROSE pump head Twin-Valve incl. hose for replacement or to upgrade your floor pump. Twin Valve 2-in-1 pump head: Simply place the matching side on th...

Colore: black


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ROSE Clever Twin Valve pump head incl. hose for floor pump

ROSE Clever Twin-Valve pump head incl. hose for replacement or upgrading your floor pump. The 2-in-1 Clever-Twin Valve pump head is easy to use. Depen...

Colore: red


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Topeak Rebuild Kit for JoeBlow Elite and Sport II

As good as new – the Topeak Rebuild Kit helps you renew your JoeBlow Elite or Sport II floor pump. The spare kit offers all important parts you need...

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Xtreme Air Supply - 2 in 1 pump head

The Air Supply 2 in 1 pump head adjusts automatically to Schrader and Presta valves, without cumbersome plugging/unplugging in the pump head. Directly...


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Xtreme replacement rubber washer

· for Xtreme Airrampe, Big Volume, airik midi Teleskop and airik Carbon Double Action


Topeak Pressure Rite Presta valve adapter

The Topeak Pressure Rite valve connector is ideal for all Presta valves that are difficult to access. The practical 90° anti-air loss adapter primaril...

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