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    ERGON - regola posizione tacchette TP1

    Ergon - Ergonomische Perfektion für's Fahrrad
    Ergon - Ergonomische Perfektion fürs Fahrrad Ergon - Ergonomische Perfektion für's Fahrrad
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    ERGON - regola posizione tacchette TP1

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    Optimum ergonomics thanks to the correct setting of the cleats. A precise setting ensures that the feet have the right position on the pedal. This increases performance, health and well-being. You will feel the effects of an ergonomic setting of the cleats immediately when cycling. The TP1 is a tool that allows the cleats to be aligned precisely on the cycle shoe. Observing the relative positions of the feet is made much easier by the Ergon TP1, and its well thought-out grid makes even fine tuning possible. This system allows anyone to set their cleats quickly and precisely. The profiled shape means that any cycling shoes of any size can be positioned with ease. The tool made out of a technical polypropylene is resistant to scratches. Simple and space-saving handling thanks to a practical flap mechanism. In addition to the intuitive operation of the TP1, its manual is an important component of the tool. It explains the ergonomic principles and biomechanic thinking behind the use of the TP1. Additional expert knowledge in the appendix of each chapter
    explains in greater detail the performanceenhancing effect of ergonomically correct pedalling.
    · for Speedplay pedal systems

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    ERGON - regola posizione tacchette TP1

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