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    OAKLEY SLIVER - occhiali

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    OAKLEY SLIVER - occhiali

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    A classic design combined with modern materials - this is the typical look of the OAKLEY SLIVER sunglasses. As most of the other OAKLEY glasses, this model is also made from a very lightweight, durable and flexible O-Matter® material. The lenses are made of plutonite and offer 100% UV protection.

    • durability and high comfort thanks to light, robust O Matter® frame material
    • comfort and performance thanks to three-point fit for a precise optical alignment of the lenses
    • Unobtainium® nose pads and earpieces for high comfort and a secure fit, even when sweating
    • design accents with metal logos

    • reduced glare
    • patented XYZ OPTICS® for maximum clarity up to the far edge of the lens with 8,75 base lens curvature - a contour that maximises the peripheral view and increases side protection
    • UV protection thanks to Plutonite® lens, which filters 100 % of all UVA-/UVB-/UVC-rays, as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm
    • minimum glare thanks to the special technology of polarized lenses (Polarized technology)
    • glare reduction and balanced translucence thanks to Iridium® coating
    • lens position, optical precision and shock resistance fulfil or even exceed the Z80.3 standard

    • All lenses offer a clear view and optimal protection thanks to High Definition Optics (HDO)

    • 1 x glasses case Oakley Soft Vault

    Mode linformation:

    matte black w/grey
    • frame colour: matt black
    • lenses: grey
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-01

    sepia w/dark grey
    • frame colour: sepia
    • lenses: dark grey
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-02

    matte black w/violet iridium polarized
    • frame colour: matte black
    • lenses: violet iridium polarized
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-10

    polished clear w/sapphire iridium
    • frame colour: polished clear
    • lenses: sapphire iridium
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-06

    FP retina burn w / jade iridium
    • frame colour: FP retina burn
    • lenses: jade iridium
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-18

    FP sky blue w/ sapphire iridium
    • frame colour: FP sky blue
    • lenses: sapphire iridium
    • manufacturer's ref.: OO9262-17

    Three-point fit:
    The OAKLEY three-point fit makes sure the frame only touches the face at the nose bridge and at the temples. The frame materials combine resilience and comfort with shock absorption especially for competitive sports. The frame geometry provides a maximum peripheral field of view.

    O Matter®:
    This resilient frame material withstands extreme environmental conditions. It is light, yet very sturdy. Controlled flexibility improves the shock resistance and contribute to the everyday comfort of frames which are made of this innovative plastic material.

    Plutonite® Lens
    One of the optically purest materials used for glasses nowadays. It increases clarity and impact resistance and filters 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC rays as well as harmful blue light up to 400 nm. The UV protection is not achieved by a coating, but by the lens material itself.

    This high-grade lens coating made of heat treated metal oxides provides a balanced translucence and reduces glare. It is available in many different colours and optimised the view in almost all light conditions.

    Polarized lenses filter out extreme reflections of smooth, reflecting surfaces like wet roads, water or snow. OAKLEY revolutionised the Polarized technology with a unqiue manufacturing process where the polarizing filter is directly covered with Plutonite material. The result: No distortions and a clear view.

    OAKLEY has developed High Definition Optics® (HDO®). This term refers to a number of patented lens technologies developed in-house for special optical accuracy and fidelity. However, the HDO® technology stands out not only for accuracy. It also stands out for innovations concerning impact resistance that meets strict safety standards and for a 100% filtering of UV light. OAKLEY HDO® protects the eyes and ensures that visual information reaches the brain with highest possible accuracy, which can be realised with optical science.


    verspiegelt (polished clear w/ sapphire iridium)
    888392076403 (matte black w/grey)
    888392076458 (polished clear w/ sapphire iridium)
    OO9262-01 (matte black w/grey)
    OO9262-06 (polished clear w/ sapphire iridium)

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    colore Standard
    matte black w/grey

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    polished clear w/ sapphire iridium

    2 disponibili

    colore Standard
    matte black w/grey

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    polished clear w/ sapphire iridium

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    OAKLEY SLIVER - occhiali

    matte black w/grey matte black w/grey
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    polished clear w/ sapphire iridium polished clear w/ sapphire iridium
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