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SKS Germany Chainbow chainguard

Not without my chainguard! The adjustable profile oft he robust SKS Chainbow chainguard covers the full-length of the chain. Not just to keep your tro...

Colore: black

RRP 19,99 € 14,30 

Hebie Chainguard 342

As a proven chain cover that prevents clothing and dirt from getting caught in the bike chain, the Chainguard 342 by Hebie is a classic for bikes with...

Colore: black

invece di 9,95 € 8,15 

Hebie Bosch Gen3 special chainguard bracket

To fix a chain guard to a Bosch mid drive system you need a special bracket. The special Hebie bracket for Bosch Gen3 motors is screwed on the drive-s...



SKS Germany Chainblade Bosch Active/Performance chain guard

The CHAINBLADE effectively protects your shoes and clothes from dirt. · For Bosch Active and Performance Line drive systems · Chainring compatibility...

Colore: schwarz/schwarz matt

schwarz/schwarz matt
invece di 14,90 € 10,15 

SKS Germany Chainbow_E chainguard for Bosch e-bikes

When riding fast on your pedelec or e-bike, you risk to get your trousers dirty or caught in the gears. The Chainbow_E chainguard offers reliable prot...

Colore: black


Xtreme chain case Xtension

- chain case for triple cranks with largest chain ring 48 teeth - for fixing at the right bottom bracket shell (the bottom bracket has to be removed a...

Colore: transp./grau


Hebie universal rear chainguard clamp

The universal chain guard clamp by Hebie allows you to easily mount a singlespeed chain guard (e.g. item no.: 2268872) without having to drill a hole...


Hebie universal clip-on front fixing for chain guard

A plastic bracket that can be fitted without removing the bottom bracket cup. Designed for BSA bottom brackets, the universal clip-on bracket by Hebie...


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Hebie universal bracket for chainguard

This universal Hebie bracket for your chain guard serves as a bottom bracket adapter to mount a classic chain guard (e.g. item no.: 2268872). The fron...


SKS Germany Article: 822126

The CHAINBLADE is an innovative chain guard system. The combination of impact-resistant plastic elements with the proven SKS Technology makes for exce...

Colore: schwarz/schwarz matt

schwarz/schwarz matt


SKS Germany SKS Montagebrille für Chainboard

· SKS Montagebrille für Chainboard · 38 Z: 1-fach Kurbel, max. 38 Zähne · 46-48Z: 3-fach Kurbel, max. 48 Zähne · Farbe: schwarz

Colore: black

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Hebie STEPS special chainguard bracket for e-bikes

To fix a chain guard to a Shimano STEPS middle motor you need a special bracket. The Hebie bracket for Shimano STEPS motors is screwed on the drive-si...