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Service & Warranty

What is the warranty policy that ROSE Bikes offers?  

We offer a 6-year Crash Replacement Service for ROSE frames, ROSE forks and selected ROSE wheels.  

What is a Crash Replacement Service?

If your ROSE frame, fork or wheel is covered by our ROSE Crash Replacement Service and it gets damaged or broken in an accident caused by you, we will replace your ROSE frame, fork or wheel with the same or the nearest model of our current product range for 50% of the sales price within 6 years from the date of purchase. The Crash Replacement Service can only be applied to the first owner of the bike and can’t be transferred.

You can find more detailed information on our Crash Replacement Service in the Crash Replacement Conditions at:

Can I rebuild the bike myself under the Crash Replacement Service?

The rebuild must go through us. You are welcome to send the bike to us or bring it to our stores or workshops.

What is a Recycling Guarantee?

As soon as the life cycle of a ROSE bicycle ends, we take care of the professional disassembly and separation of all materials used. This means that recyclable materials are returned to the recycling loop or are disposed of properly. Should the condition of the bike permit repair and further use in charitable or social projects, we reserve the right to fix up the bike and give it to such a project.

What is the warranty policy for bicycles, other parts, accessories and clothing?

In general, we are liable for bicycles, parts, accessories and clothing within the scope of the statutory warranty of two years. In addition, individual manufacturers grant further guarantees and services. These are considered additional security when purchasing and do not limit your statutory warranty claims in any way. You can find information about this in the product description or owner’s manual.

I have purchased a used ROSE bike from someone else. Does the warranty extend to me?

The guarantee that we offer only applies to the first owner and is not transferrable. But you are welcome to get in touch with us and we will try to help you.  

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