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My customer account

General Information

How do I set up a ROSE customer account? 

To create a customer account, go to the icon for “My account” at the top right and click on “Register”. 

Fill out all the information and select a password that is at least 6 characters long, that contains large and small letters as well as special characters or numbers. Then confirm your information - all done! 

Next time you log in, you can enter your email address and password. 

You can see and change your information in your customer account. Of course we comply with the current data protection guidelines when it comes to your data and will not pass it on to third-parties. 

Are you already a ROSE customer and have forgotten your password?  

We will send you a link to create a new password if you click “Forgotten your password?” at log in. Once you have set a new password, you can use it to log in as usual to your account.  

How do I log in to my ROSE account?

You will find an icon on the top right for “My Account” which you can select to see a menu where you can click on “Sign in”. Enter your email address and password to log in. If you are a new customer, click on “Register” under “My Account” and create an account with us. Are you already a ROSE customer and have forgotten your password? We will send you an email with a link for resetting your password if you click on “Forgotten your password?” at log in. 

How do I sign out?

If you would like to sign out of your customer account, there are two options 

depending on your device. 

Desktop / PC: 

  • Sign out by holding your cursor over the icon for “My Account” at the top right
  • and selecting “Sign out” in the menu that appears.  

Mobile / Smartphone: 

  • On the smartphone, you will find an icon on the top right for Your Account
  • which you can select to see a menu where you can click on the option “Sign out”. 

My orders 

Log into your account to see your orders. Under your customer account, you can select “Orders” to get an overview of the items you have ordered including the following details:   

  • Items received 
  • Your delivery and billing address 
  • Your preferred payment method 
  • Your order totals 
  • The order status 
  • The shipping status* 

*If your order has already shipped you can also find the tracking number for your parcel here

Are you unsure what your open balance is? 

Just send us an email or call use - we are happy to help!

Have you ordered the wrong item? 

We are really fast at packing your order up, which is why we can’t make changes to your order once you’ve placed it. Please in this case place a new order and returnthe incorrect item.

My wish list 

I like an item, but I don’t know yet if I am going to order it. 

If you click on the heart by a product, it gets added to your wish list and you can bookmark it for future orders. Please note that you need to be logged in for this and the items on your wish list are not reserved for you. 

How can I order items from my wish list? 

You can directly add a bookmarked item to your shopping cart. After ordering the item will automatically be removed from your wish list. 

How can I remove items from my wish list? 

Simply click the black “X” on the top right by the item and confirm with “remove”.