Biodiversity at ROSE

Diverse ecosystems and life forms exist on our planet. They live in harmony and depend on each other. This delicate balance must be protected. Due to an increase in land sealing, especially in industrial areas, and the use of pesticides, the diversity and quantity of insects has declined alarmingly. Yet these pollinators are vital for our own existence.

ROSE for the Environment

At ROSE Bikes, we are actively committed to the protection and promotion of biodiversity. That’s why in April 2020 we had the space surrounding our Biketown flagship store in Bocholt redesigned to provide a more nature-friendly area. The planted beds are intended to counteract further heating of the paved areas in the industrial area while also providing a safe habitat for insects and birds.

Now the parking lot is lined with approximately 550 m² of wildflower meadows containing carefully-selected regional plants, in addition to 1200 m² of perennial beds with a lush flowering period from February to November, which offer diverse food sources and nesting opportunities. Here you will find, among other things, purple rock cress, moor grass and Ruthenian globe thistle, which magically attract insects.

In addition, we have installed self-built insect hotels as well as a bee hotel awarded to us by the city of Bocholt for our high-quality planting.

Bee hotel

We deliberately chose native, robust and flowering plants with open blossoms that provide the prevailing insects and birds with the food sources they need, as each species prefers specific plant types. Plus, we also agreed on specific maintenance measures for maximum ecological benefit: The wildflowers are only mowed once a year and the perennials and woody plants are cut back in early spring, as insects prefer to hibernate in bark, hollow flower stems and foliage, while butterflies pupate there. Seed pods are also an important food source for many birds.

The parking lot is cleaned by hand without any chemicals because we want to preserve and protect living creatures, especially beneficial insects that are endangered. Since some bikes have to be collected by car, the parking areas can of course still be used, i.e. maintenance work will be limited to what is necessary to embed the Biketown as ecologically as possible and still freely accessible in nature.


ROSE for People

Plants also have a positive effect on people: Spending a lot of time in the countryside results in more relaxed, creative and productive people. Since performance is highly dependant on the satisfaction, recuperation and motivation of employees and the majority of business activities take place indoors, the outdoor areas need to create a balance by recharging one's batteries during the break. That’s why we have set up green break areas at our three main buildings in Bocholt, where people are welcome to nibble on fruits and vegetables or pick herbs for salads or refreshing drinks.

While designing the various break areas, both site-specific conditions and the wishes of the employees were taken into account, so as to create a comfortable environment for both people and plants. Once the fruit trees on their trellises have grown, their foliage will provide pleasant shade and shield the seating area from the hustle and bustle of the street. We have also put up a wall made of sustainable larch wood to shield an exposed seating area. For the interior greenery, we have chosen, among other things, real moss from careful decomposition, which is known to absorb fine dust and sound, regulate humidity and calm the mind and soul. As cyclists, we naturally place a lot of value on high air quality and strive to good quality air inside the building.

This is just a start, as we work towards more biodiversity and environmental protection at ROSE. More projects are already being planned for the future.

Stay tuned!