Reliable and powerful drive units by Bosch

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Bosch has moved with the times ever since the company’s foundation around 100 years ago. The “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” that was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886 still has the same expertise as in its early beginnings and is paving the way towards the future with intensive research and development of e-bike drive units. The progressive improvement in the field of high-torque, powerful electric motors goes hand in hand with the involvement of human beings in motor control. Bosch is a pioneer in electric mobility and has put the development of electric motors to the next level in recent years. ROSE have used the innovative Bosch units to electrify their e-bikes for years, too.

Bosch offers two different drive unit versions: Active Line drive units are perfect for long-distance tours, whereas Performance Line e-bike systems provide a sporty and powerful riding experience.

For a more direct connection between rider and drive unit, Bosch have found their own way regarding the operation of their electric motors. A new generation of bike computers serves as an interface between human being and machine and offers completely new possibilities for status display and motor control, being the central module of electric bikes with Bosch drive.

Two newly designed displays, called Nyon and Intuvia, offer cyclists all important ride data at a glance. The Nyon display is an all-in-one on-board computer that offers a wide range of technical features. It pairs with a heart rate chest strap using Bluetooth and the E-Bike Connect app allows you to make adjustments and transfer routes from your smartphone to the Nyon. Perfect for riders who like to deal with route planning, training and technology.

The Intuvia display is designed for user friendliness and easy handling. The screen offers all important information at a glance, clearly structured and easy to read – so you can concentrate on your ride.

Bosch control units are known for their high-quality finish and a discreet design for a harmonious integration. Thanks to a display backlight, you can even read the screen in the dark.