Ride All Year

Ride all year in all conditions

GripGrab is all about enriching lives through cycling. GripGrab envisions a future where every cyclist is inspired and enabled to live out their cycling potential; the brand’s mission is to create cycling essentials for all conditions that enable cyclists to live out that potential.
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New Autumn-Winter Cycling Wear

The power of functionality

With the launch of cycling wear GripGrab strengthens its position as the Ride All Year brand: encouraging us all to take advantage of every season and ride in all weather conditions. GripGrab’s Scandinavian heritage and DNA is not only evident in every product available to riders but also in the fact that GripGrab fans never hold back when venturing out on rides regardless of the weather.

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Ride through winter with GripGrab’s gloves

Award-winning cycling gloves

GripGrab’s range of winter cycling gloves is designed to allow you to ride all year in comfort, in all weather conditions. The winter gloves continue GripGrab’s mission to make the world a better place with the brand in it than it would be without; the use of recycled materials is one evolution, while there has been no compromise on quality or ride comfort. Check the Ride Windproof Deep Winter Lobster Gloves that feature an innovative finger split design to maximise warmth in your fingers and control of the handlebars and levers.

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Comfy Feet

Eye-catching and functional cycling socks

Cycling socks are essential all year round. Lightweight summer cycling socks wick sweat away from your skin to keep you drier, fresher and more comfortable for longer. Tackle tough climbs even in scorching heat and rack up the kilometres under the hot summer sun, knowing that you’ll look and feel great. In the early morning or on cooler days, warmer socks - like GripGrab's Merino blend range - will ensure your toes stay warm when the cold picks up and early morning rides are cool and fresh.

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Warm and dry

Protect your feet from rain and cold

Don't let the weather mess up your bike rides. Stay dry and comfortable on wet roads with GripGrab's selection of cycling shoe covers. With a variety of options, you'll find the perfect cover for your riding style and the current weather conditions. The covers range from lightweight, waterproof models to insulated versions for cooler rides. Whether you’re a road cyclist or a city biker, GripGrab has a shoe cover that suits your needs.

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