Bike Lights for Night Rides

Front lights, rear lights, reflectors, helmet lights & more

What exactly are you looking for?

Battery-powered & rechargeable lights


Sporty, light and flexible

Battery-powered bicycle lights impress with their low weight and flexible handling. This means that the bicycle lights can come inside and yet be quickly attached when needed – ideal for sporty road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes. Here you will find a large selection of headlights, rear lights and sets with integrated rechargeable battery packs or for use with standard batteries. Depending on the intended use, you can choose between different luminosity and lighting duration or additional features such as brake light or automatic control. Find the right bike light for you – from the stylish city light to a powerful floodlight for the handlebar.

Dynamo Lighting

highvis dynamobetrieben

Reliable everyday companions

Always there when you need it – dynamo-powered bicycle lights only require a dynamo and your muscle power. Tireless and always ready for action, this type of lighting is optimal for city and trekking bikes or touring bikes. StVZO-compliant reflectors are therefore often already integrated. Headlights and rear lights should match the power needs of the dynamo, and their luminosity should match your intended use. A parking light function provides illumination at dark intersections, while dynamo lights with brake or daytime running lights increase visibility. Get inspired by our range of dynamo front lights, rear lights and accessories.

E-Bike Lights

highvis ebike

Bike lights for the on-board network

Why charge additional batteries when an e-bike already has one integrated?! E-bike lights can be powered directly from the on-board power supply. Even when the motor is switched off, you won’t suddenly be in the dark – the on-board electronics ensure that there is still enough energy for at least two hours of light. Since, unlike dynamo lights, direct current is used and pedelecs require manufacturer approval, you will find e-bike lighting in its own category. If the voltage is compatible with the bike's electrical system, you have a full range of options in terms of taste, luminosity and extras such as high beam or sensor control.

Head lamps & Helmet lights

highvis stirn helm

Extra power for off-road experiences

Off the road, good visibility is crucial. Headlamps and helmet lamps can make all the difference at night, so that hidden obstacles do not become a danger. Whether as additional lighting on the bike or on its own during running training: Trails and forest paths will be illuminated with the line of sight exactly where you need it. In our range you will find headlamps and helmet lamps for almost every use – from evening runs to night-time trail rides on your mountain bike. With different mounting systems and light intensities, internal or external battery supply and clever additional features.


highvis reflektoren

Shine bright like a diamond

The effect of cat's eyes and such on wheels is often underestimated. The German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) requires several bicycle reflectors for good reason, as well as for bicycle trailers. Because the different coloured front reflectors, rear reflectors, spoke reflectors and pedal reflectors make a decisive contribution to visibility in road traffic. They sparkle brightly at motorists from a long distance away. Design tip – the classic cat's eyes can also be replaced by reflective spoke sleeves or tyres with reflective stripes. All reflectors offered here have a test mark and are therefore approved for road traffic in Germany.


highvis dynamos

Muscle-powered mini power stations

The forefather of all bike lighting is far from being obsolete. Despite the discontinuation of the obligation to use an alternator in the German StVZO, it is impossible to imagine everyday bikes and touring bikes without the bicycle dynamo. While the classic side dynamo is increasingly rare, the efficient and noiseless hub dynamo is becoming more popular. When replacing a dynamo you should consider the power level required for the lighting system, as well as the number of spokes, installation dimension and the brake system. Experienced cyclists also look at values such as efficiency and power consumption. Discover our selection of side-rotor and hub dynamos here, from entry-level to top models.