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Assembly & Operation

Assembly & Bike manuals

Where can I get help with assembling my bike delivery?  
You can easily mount your bike at home with the help of our tutorials:

Where can I find the owner’s manuals for my bike?
The owner’s manual is included with each bike delivery. If you require a general manual as a PDF document, you can find it here: Manuals

Where can I find the owner’s manual for built-in components?
You can find the owner’s manuals from the different component manufacturers in your black documentation portfolio from ROSE. Alternatively, you can often download the owner’s manuals from the component manufacturer’s website.

What is the torque value for securing volts?
You can find the correct torques for bolts in the ROSE owner’s manual and manuals from the individual component manufacturers.  

Which tools will I need to assemble my bike?  
To make assembling your bike easier, you should have the following tools on hand:  

  • Hex wrenches (4, 5, 6, 8 mm)  
  • T25 wrench 
  • Torque wrenches  
  • Pedal wrench (where required)

What do I need to pay attention to when installing the pedals?
With the pedals you need to check that the right pedal goes into the right-hand thread and the left pedal into the left-hand thread. The pedals are marked to indicate the difference. You can find an R (for right) and L (for left) on the pedals. These are left and right when looking in the riding direction.

How do I adjust the suspension fork or rear shock?
For adjusting the suspension elements, you will need a suspension fork/shock pump. 
You can find the correct air pressure values in the owner’s manual from the fork or shock manufacturer.

Assembly & Owner's manuals Bike parts & Accessories

Where can I find manuals for bike parts and accessories  
The owner’s manual is included with each item we deliver. Many manufacturers also offer the option of downloading them from the manufacturer’s webpage. You can find the manuals for ROSE products  here: Manuals