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The right bicycle lock for every occasion

The right bike lock for everyone

If you love bikes you will end up in the world of bike locks, because anyone who loves bikes will also lock them up properly. But which lock is suitable for your bike and will keep it safe? Find the best lock for your bike and learn more about the different lock categories, their purposes and the most popular manufacturers!

Bicycle lock types in comparison

A secure bike lock is like a love letter to your bike! In our opinion, it can't be safe enough, because in almost any place, whether city or village, your bike is at risk of theft – especially if it's a stylish, high-quality bike. A direct comparison shows clear differences between the various bicycle lock categories, but what are the categories and which ones will help you to ward off bike thieves?

You decide: Are you stopping at a beer garden during a long gravel or road bike tour, keeping your bike in sight and having a quick isotonic drink after exercising? Or is your urban e-bike usually parked in the middle of the city or near your work, being left unattended from morning to night? Our online shop has a selection of locks for each situation, from the ROSE brand as well as from a variety of proven brands such as ABUS, Kryptonite, Hiplok and AXA - you only need to find the perfect lock for your needs.