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The Right Cycling Overshoes


Per i ciclisti che non temono le basse temperature si consiglia un soprascarpe elastico; questo offre una ulteriore protezione dal freddo e dall'umidità. Per la primavera e l'autunno un copriscarpe classico costituito da neoprene con un rivestimento in PU e cuciture nastrate. Per tenersi al caldo in inverno disponibili soprascarpe con una fodera in pile. I velcros facilitano il loro utilizzo, i riflettori offrono la necessaria sicurezza nel traffico stradale.

Do you have questions about overshoes?

What size do I need in cycling overshoes?
  • You should get overshoes in your normal shoe size.
  • If you are between two sizes, we recommend buying the larger size. Please also pay attention to the notes on our product detail page.
What are the advantages of overshoes?
  • There are different types of overshoes. They can either protect your feet from water and wind or from dirt and scratches.
  • Many overshoes have reflective elements or are made entirely of hi-vis material to increase your visibility on dark days.
  • Overshoes usually have a sole cut-out. This means they don’t have a sole of their own, but instead offer your cycling shoe enough space to connect with the clipless pedal.
What are the different types of overshoes?
  • There are overshoes for your toes only and others that cover your entire feet and ankles.
  • There are also waterproof overshoes that protect your whole shoe from wind and water.
  • What’s more, there are lined overshoes and others made of Lycra material that protect your shoes from dirt and scratches.
What are waterproof overshoes suitable for?
Waterproof overshoes protect your shoes from road splash and rain. This keeps your cycling shoes dry and prevents your feet from cooling down quickly.